Diversity, Compassion and Social Justice

The Brattleboro area has a plethora of groups and organizations whose mission is to promote diversity, compassion and social justice in our community.  Click  here to find them and get involved!

A Community for Compassion

In 2017, the Town of Brattleboro passed a resolution to join the international Charter for Compassion

“WHEREAS, the Brattleboro Selectboard desires to join the local compassion movement;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Brattleboro Selectboard hereby resolves and proclaims that the Town of Brattleboro is committed to the principles expressed in the Charter for Compassion, supports the collaboration of local individuals and organizations to promote those principles through a variety of public and private actions in our community, will remain mindful of the impacts of our actions not only in Brattleboro but upon people and places beyond our borders, and invites all people to observe and participate in Town government and to hold Town government officials accountable for conducting our local public business in a manner that is consistent with this resolution.”

Click here to read the full resolution.


IAMAVERMONTER.ORG is a unique resource for persons of color relocating to Vermont for school, work, or retirement.  Click here for more information. 

The Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a sponsor of   this initiative!


Equity, Diversity and Social Justice in Our Schools

Office of Diversity, Equity and Social Justice
The Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Diversity Equity Committee is a group of educators who meet monthly to address issues of equity in our learning community. Their mission is to foster learning environments in which all members of the school community are safe, feel valued and are appreciated. The promote policies and procedures which value equity and diversity in our learning environments.  Click here for more information.