The answers to your questions about starting a business in Brattleboro.  This information is provided by the Town of Brattleboro and only pertains to setting up a business in Brattleboro.

Business Licenses

Who should get a Business License in Brattleboro?

If you provide goods or services from a location in Brattleboro, including from your home, you must obtain a Business License.  Licenses are annual and are good from January 1 to December 31 of the same calendar year.

Who should not get a license?

Landlords and leasing companies which do not occupy an office in Brattleboro are not required to get a license.

If my business is a non-profit business, do I need a Business License?

Yes, if you provide goods or services from a location in Brattleboro, including from your home, you must obtain a Business License.  If you are a 501(c)3 you need to obtain a license but will be exempt from business personal property tax, providing you send the necessary paperwork to the Assessor’s office.

If I discover that I have made an error in my Business License application, what should I do?

If you have submitted the application and notice an error, contact the Assessor’s office at (802) 251-8156.  Do not submit duplicate applications. We can update/change your information any time of the year when requested.

What is the deadline to apply for a Business License?

New businesses should obtain a license as soon as they have established their business.

Existing businesses must renew their license by January 1.  Applications received from January 2 to January 15 will be charged a $12.50 late fee.  Applications received after January 15 will be charged a $25.00 late fee.  If you do not take out a business license while operating a business in Brattleboro you can be subject to a $100 fine.

What is business personal property?

How do I declare my Business Personal Property on the Business License application?  Business Personal Property (BPP) is and inventory of the equipment: machinery, store fixtures, computers, office furniture, etc., and all other items needed to operate your business.  If your business has more than $5,000 worth of BPP, you will be required to fill out a Business Property form in March each year.  In Section 5 of the Business License application, you will be asked to declare whether you have more or less than $5,000 worth of BPP; (501(c)3 business corporations are exempted).

What benefits to I receive with my license?

Taking out a Business License in Brattleboro exempts you from paying tax on the first $5,000 of personal property.  It also gives you a free listing, if desired, in the town’s online business directory which can link directly to your business website, email and Facebook page.

What is the cost of a license?

The cost of a license is $50.00.  Late fees may be assessed (see deadline information above).

Do I need to display my business license?

Yes, we request you post the license in a conspicuous place on the business premises.

Where do I obtain a license?

If you are paying by credit card you may obtain a license online through the Town of Brattleboro’s website,  To pay by check or cash visit the Assessor’s office, suite 109 on the first floor of the Municipal Center at 230 Main Street, Brattleboro.