The Chamber’s Mission is to promote and enhance a thriving business community. We work with our 400+ member businesses and organizations to articulate the region’s needs and find creative solutions. Consider joining us in continuing to develop and sustain the economic vitality of this great region!

What is the value to my organization? Your membership not only helps keep your business in a higher profile but helps  the community writ large – a strong chamber projects a strong business community and therefore helps to bring in more tourists, shoppers, relocators etc…It’s really an investment in the community.  Annual dues generally cost less than the price of a single print ad that runs only once.  It’s like buying an ad with the Chamber that runs year round – Both on the Web and “live”

Levels of Membership

Membership is based on the number of employees.  We offer two levels of membership to both for-profit and non-profit organizations – Basic and Platinum, as well as Community Membership – aimed specifically at retirees, students, or anyone who wants to keep up with the activities and issues of the Greater Brattleboro business community!

2016 Dues Schedule

One $189 $239
2-4 $299 $349
5-9 $329 $399
10-19 $429 $499
20-29 $519 $624
30-39 $624 $729
40-49 $677 $782
50-74 $782 $887
75-99 $834 $992
100-249 $1,500 $2,000
250+ $2,500 $3,000

501-C3 Non-Profit Organizations employing fewer than 50 full-time employees – $159

Non-Profit Platinum level – $179