Drive time from:

New York City, NY 3 1/2 hours
Boston, MA 2 hours
Hartford, CT 1 1/2 hours
Springfield, MA 1 hour
Albany, NY 2 hours
White River Junction, VT 1 hour

Brattleboro is located in the southeastern most corner of Vermont on the Connecticut River. (New Hampshire to the East, New York to the West, and Western Massachusetts to the south)

Three roads lead to Brattleboro:

  • I-91 (north and south, exits 1, 2, & 3!)
  • Route 9 east and west – (between New Hampshire and New York State).
  • Route 5 (north and south from the Canadian border to Long Island Sound!)

Amtrak service is available daily from points north and south to downtown Brattleboro.